A Gym Made for Your Home

The Exosphere Gym

A Gym Made for Your Home

What exercises can I do?

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Here are some of our favorite exercises on The Exosphere Gym!

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The Founders

The Pogue Brothers

Connor Pogue (left) has degrees in Kinesiology and Business from Texas A&M University, and he is a fervent believer in giving back to his community. Connor mentors students and constantly engages with people to help them reach their fitness and personal goals. "The Exosphere Gym is our way to bring fitness to people. This isn't a gym you put in your home. This is a gym made for your home."

Dr. Brian Pogue (right) has a doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Dr. Pogue enjoys all types of fitness, educating people about healthy habits, fishing, spending time with family, and helping people find their new limit. "Exosphere Fitness is about helping people. We bring the benefits of the gym into people's homes, so they can live their life on their schedule. Giving people exercise tips is my way to help everyone reach their goals and maintain those results"