How Many Reps Should I Do?

A question that arises often while training is, how many reps should I perform per set?

Well, the answer is it depends.

If you are training for optimal strength and power, then 1-6 reps per set is ideal. People that tend to train this way are your power lifters due to the way that they compete.

For most of us looking to gain strength, 8-10 reps is optimal. This is because we aren't looking to get stronger to complete 1 repetition of an exercise. We are looking at performing multiple repetitions with our strength gains. 

 And then others are looking for endurance training, in which 15+ reps is recommended. This allows for improved aerobic conditioning, strength gains without muscle bulk gains, and increased calorie burning during workouts. 

No matter the goal of your training, it is important to understand which number is best for you in order to improve towards your goals.