From Yoga to Weight Lifting

Madison W.

The Exosphere Gym seemed too good to be true when I first came across it. I'm a small woman, so bulky gym equipment is something that I hate. I generally do yoga classes, Zumba, or just go hiking with friends. I am one of those people who just tries to stay active and eat right in order to stay thin. However, I also have started to do occasional resistance exercise to help stay in shape. This was definitely my husband's influence. With the Exosphere Gym, I don't have to make a major time or space commitment to resistance training. I can take it out when I want to use it, and put it away when I want to do something else. Plus, my husband really loves to workout on it too. And, I love that he loves it :)


Entrepreneur Fitness

Connor Pogue, CEO, Exosphere Fitness

As the co-founder of Exosphere Fitness, I wanted to create something that was not only going to sell, but I wanted it to be effective for myself. If I wouldn't buy it, then I knew that nobody else would hand me money for it. Thus, when I got on our first functioning prototype, I knew that this was something different. Our whole story turned around that day because we had a renewed drive and belief. I have always been someone who struggles with core training. I get tired of doing 100's of sit-ups and planks. The Exosphere Gym gave me something to get my workout done and move on. As an entrepreneur, time is always against me. When there is not a time required to work like in a 9-5 job, you feel that you should be working 24 hrs every day. With the job requirements, our own device has become a saving grace for our own health and wellness. This isn't a gym you put in your home, this is a gym made for your home.


Military Fitness

Jake P.

I served in the military for a couple decades and was deployed to many different places. Staying physically fit was not only a requirement for my job, but at times, it was also difficult to find places to workout. We had to get creative during deployment in order to stay in shape. I would have loved to have had an Exosphere Gym when I was deployed. Military guys love variety and love to challenge themselves. This definitely would have fit the bill. Now, it's the perfect fit for a family man with two little girls running around. I can't wait to see all of the places The Exosphere Gym will go.


Busy Mom Workouts

Amanda Pogue

The Exosphere Gym. As Brian's wife, I have heard about this thing from the very beginning. I was skeptical at first. When I saw the original drawings, I just didn't get it. However, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised with the results. Not only were these two guys able to pull this off, but I love to use The Exosphere Gym too. This is one mommy who appreciates having the ability pull out my entire gym in just seconds and then put up my gym equipment in a flash. Let's face it, in my life, free time to workout is limited. I'm very thankful that I get to be a part of something that can improve the lives and overall health of so many people who are going through the same difficulties as me.